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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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stormy afternoon here. >> katie, what can we expect do you think? >> it looks like we will ends up with whole mixed bag of different things, throughout the course of the day. morning, bridges something afternoon bridges something else and late afternoon and evening bring the storms you talked b full screen, once more, storm scan3 much more organization now with this storm system. storm center confined across the great lakes, cold front draped back east of the mississippi. then the warmfront is lifting through right now. so we've had this semi stationary front i've been calling it, just drape over our area. it is what kept us in the dreary conditions, and the gloomy conditions, in the last two days. that is starting to lift back north essentially as a warmfront. we've had kim every thunderstorms, some showers you you will find some fog out there, too it also means it will be damp for you with poor visibility and outside at the boardwalk plaza definitely true here with the damp boards and the very just sort of hazy
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glow over those street lamps there on the boards walkment meanwhile visibilities are far reduced because of the areas of fog that we are finding. not horrible everywhere, definitely reduced. i want you to watch out for this coming through in patches. more than anything. and sometimes, if it is not just a shroud of cloud cover everywhere, it could come up on you quickly mess with you that much more. be cautious of that. leave the space between the vehicles. meanwhile, we look forward in this eyewitness weather regional forecast, everyone fair game for later today not just surge on the thermometer to go with it, but these thunderstorms that rumble through. it does not appear to be anywhere near the severe weather threat what we saw through the plane state yesterday, but coy definitely see the shore points, delaware state, southern most new jersey, in general picking up on pretty gusty thunderstorms strong wind gusts are a concern, maybe even some small size hail. we will continue to detail these impact for you throughout the show. >> thanks so much, katie. appreciate that. good morning everyone, right now the most that i can do is to tell you that you need to take it easy this morning.
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already, we've had few incidents, overturned siege, the good news is many of those incidents have been cleared. the bad news is that now we have rush hour. and it is on top of just that slick wet roadway making things even slower this morning. brace yourself for wet friday, slow one traveling on the majors. ninety-five, southbound, making your way around cottman avenue. starting to seat rush build around cottman. also girard. soap making your way down toward center city. also on the northbound 95 ramp to woodhaven, we have an accident, again the on and off-ramps will be slick, as women. be careful. town men son ramblewood road at sumneytown pike with vehicle fire. best alternate to take 40-foot road. anticipate delays on the schuylkill expressway, building in the usual spots for rush hour, ukee? >> good morning again everyone, thank you for joining us, please take a look at the size and power of this tornado that touched down in illinois. one person killed, seven others injured. twister was part of powerful
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line of storms that blew across the midwest. now people are just waking up and getting the full scope of the damage. don champion joins just new york where he is monitoring the very latest developments. don, good morning. >> daylight will help crews get better look at the damage there in northern illinois as one witness put it, the tornado took everything out in it path. sirens warned people to take cover in northern illinois thursday evening after at least one large tornado touched down. overnight crews try assessing the damage in the hard hit towns of rochelle and fair dale, which are about 80 miles west of chicago. >> when it hits, definitely, we new it hit. we didn't know how bad. >> in rochelle, raymond kramer and his wife road out the storm in the basement of a restaurant. the tornado all but destroyed the building. firefighters rescued the couple. about ten other people an hour after the tornado plowed through. >> we pulled in here and ran
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inside, got couple of pictures of the tornado right across the street from us here, and in the basement, went down in the basement. >> not far away in fair dale at least one person was killed, homes and buildings in the town are now barley recognizeable, furniture and other belongings are scattered everywhere. officers have been going door-to-door helping survivors. >> i'm really scared. >> the tornado was just one that touched down thursday, as the powerful line of severe weather moved across the midwest. other tornados were reported in iowa, and missouri. >> now, we should mention at least seven people were hurt in the storm, at this hour, officials there in northern illinois do not believe that anyone is missing in any of the debris in those two towns but police and firefighters will be going around today to take a count of all of the resident there. live in new york, don champion cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> don, thank if you. breaking news right now pen student back in their ants
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this morning after smoke from a fire forced widespread evacuations. the fire was in a dumpster near the student housing highrise at 39th and walnut in university city. there were no injuries. >> also, breaking, an overnight house fire in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. that fire broke out on the 1700 block of bridge street. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. five people inside made it out safely. officials tell us, smoke detectors alerted the residents to fire in their kitchen. the cause that far fire is under investigation. developing right now, a domestic dispute at the census bureau headquarters in maryland ends in a deadly shooting. police say a man who kidnapped a woman in a domestic dispute shot and killed the security guard who approached the vehicle they were in. the shooter then led police on chase through maryland and our nation's capitol. police eventually cornered the gunman and wounded him in a shoot-out. >> south carolina authorities have released a new video showing us how the fatal encounter between officer
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michael slager and walter scott began. here it is. >> now about 45 seconds later, watch right there scott opened his door and began running. the cell phone video captured slager shooting scott who was unarmed. slager, who grew up in south jersey; now behind bars charged with murder. his mother spoke to cbs news. >> i grieve for them. i grieve for us. because this is such a life changer. and it is hard. it is very hard. >> scott's family says he ran from the officer from officer slager because he had been behind on child support payments and feared getting arrested. you can see more of karen sharp's interview on cbs this morning at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. members of the clergy in vineland meanwhile are seeking unity after the death of philip white. the 32 year old died of
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respiratory distress, while in police custody last month. his friends say that police used excessive force. religious leaders are hosting a prayer gathering today to offer support to the victim's family. the vineland police and the legal process. a local community is outraged after two teenage sisters are attacked at a park. the violent encounter was caught on video and shared on social media. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now in our satellite center more on this disturbing video. nicole? >> really is. good morning ukee, video itself last bad five minutes as you mentioned, shared on several facebook pages it, shows two teenage sisters being brutally attacked, they were beaten, they were bruce one required 15 stitches. the other one had a bald spot after her hair was ripped out. >> road trip! >> punched kicked, hair pulled out. disturbing images caught on tape during a city park scuffle, that left two teenage sisters in trenton fearing for
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their lives. >> could have got killed out there like they was stomping on our heads grown women stomping on our heads. we were only teenagers anything have happened out there. >> destiny cook said she was rough house withing another girl when her sister intervened. >> i was stand interesting, it was one-on-one, then her sister hit my sister. i was like no. then her mom hit me. her cousin hit me. >> plenty stepped to up fight but no one stepped in to fight t now she has 15 stitches in her ear. >> oh, they're getting into it over there. oh they're getting bus. >> i incident recorded on cell phone video so was the voice after man egging them on. >> you're just as guilty, because you sat there and you recorded it and you new my daughter. >> the attackers have been identified and police expect to start making arrests following a melee city leaders describe as sickening. now the teens say that there were police patrol men nearby. but they claim they were slow to start the investigation.
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they have since filed a complaint, which the trenton mayor is personally looking into. that's the latest, liver from the cbs-3 satellite center. nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very disturbing, nicole, thank up. still to come, philadelphia mother accused of trying to join isis. >> we'll let you know what is happening to her now after she faced a judge. >> also, delaware family poisoned by pesticides, while on vacation. now, it turns out that same dangerous pesticide is widely used in our area. we'll show you where it is being used, and the problem it is has caused here. >> philadelphia philadelphia international airport rang near the pop of the list that no one wants to be on. the changes that need to be made to make the airport safer. >> ♪ ♪ >> looking for love on line. we're taking a look at some of
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>> lays outnumber of communications allegedly made by miss hummus regarding her
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desire to join isis. >> we believe whether all of the selfed presented at the time of the trial that keonna thomas will be found not guilty. >> only "eyewitness news" has this video of the april 3rd arrest of thomas t happened at her home on north tenth street. right now 6:13. we want to check in with katie and get the latest on these thunderstorms. >> yep expecting to see some of our own later today. very same storm system that brought in the severe weather yesterday, here's a line, that's going to have to cross that's will be bringing us nasty werth. a look just at yesterday's storm reports. i mean, they all overlap one another. there is hundreds of them, in fact, 334 different severe weather reports to the storm prediction center to be exact. of those, 16 were tornado reports, quite few happened across northern illinois. meanwhile, we are in for our own batch of potentially stronger gusty thunderstorms the extent of the slight risk zone basically southern delmarva back into the gulf states. but, we're right on the edge again, this time, so i say
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gusty wind, small size hail are the worse threats that we would v it does not appear to be tornado situation for us. we will absolutely let you know if that should change. but right now worried about heavy rain, gusty wind, small size hail, especially delaware, southern most new jersey. it even is just marginal risk for most of you with that, in other words, the lowest risk possible. meanwhile, as the week progresses weekend looks awesome, mid 60s breezy tomorrow, still nice. almost like a carbon copy of this past monday for opening day. remember how that was? bonus again this monday. tuesday bridges next rounds of potential for april showers. we do keep the above average warm looks leak for the majority of next week. vittoria? >> looking forward to that thank you, katie. good morning everyone, unfortunately right now rush hour traffic definitely in full swing in some areas. and then some. if you are traveling on the ben franklin bridge, you will notice some big time volume from just about the mid-span, down toward eighth and vine. also in the some emergency team now arriving to the scene of an accident that is right
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at the base end of the bridge at eighth and vine n philadelphia, we have an accident situation. as you will notice, folks are trying to make their way through to the incident. i wish penndot would zoom out more. down at the bottom right hereof your screen, there is some and -- activity, notice that by the flights flashing. if you can see it, more so off toward the right-hand side, little out of the camera view. in any regard, causing big time problem for folks making their way from jersey into pa. so, a better option would be the betsy or walt at this point. you may be stuck in traffic there. if they have to clear something out, they may close down the bridge. as we take a look at the vine street expressway, if do you make it up and over, vine isn't awful just yet but seeing delays on 95, the schuylkill, and slick and busy so just give yourselves more time. use extra caution. ukee? >> thank you. here's what's going on, one person was killed, several other injured, in a tornado north of chicago. crews have accounted for everyone in the town of fair dale illinois where they say every single building was flattened or destroyed.
6:16 am
also breaking this morning, one firefighter was taken to the hospital after a fire on bridge street in frankford. that fire appears to have started on the second floor of a home. five people did get out unharmed. >> residents are back home this morning after the evacuation of university of pennsylvania student housing high-rise. it happened when smoke from a dumpster fire filled the building near 39th and walnut, there were no injuries. >> be right back.
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>> phils take on the nationals, nats short-handed missing three position players including jayson werth. last night another former phil played a big role, shane victorino, first runoff starter david buchanon. the socks scored six runs, on seven hits off buchanon, in three innings of work. beat the phils six to two. jerome williams will get the start later tonight. >> well the flyers end their season tomorrow afternoon with 12:30 game at the well against the ottawa senators, last night, fly guys and hurricanes and the hurricanes take the early lead. ray emory got the starting goal for the flyers. made 24 saves otherwise. vinny mixed it up a bit with keying and low. hit it twice. low taken some blows, made his nhl debut welcome to the league, young man hurricanes win this 13-one. it is a big day this weekend, for a local athlete lasalle university and north
6:20 am
catholic grad john cartly make his first ever start in goal for the philadelphia union at ppl park. union plays brand new mls expansion team, the new york city football club. it is the first trip to play the union with an estimated 100 family member, and friend, on hand for the game. the union's new goalie is ready for the challenge. dream come true. it hasn't really sunk in yet. i think when i come walking out the tub tell will really, really hit me. i'll get the chills. be ready to go. >> oh, ya. let's do it, and here's a look at young mr. mccarthy as an explorer at lasalle university. good luck, young man. can i get a doo katy? >> of course you can. >> let's go union that's what it is all about. >> good luck. >> erika? >> thanks, ukee. we're remembering long time philadelphia sports columnist stan hochman this morning. daily news tells us hochman passed away yesterday after recent illness.
6:21 am
this is the front page of today's daily news. hochman started as phillies beat write nerve 1959. covered all sports in list career including championships for the flyers, phillies, sixers and villanova's wildcats. stan hochman was 86 years old. >> loved his columns. loved his commentary, good man. >> our eye is on some storms headed our way today. >> katie is updating the forecast. traffic and weather together on the 3's. >> and the wait is over, apple watch just went on sale few hours ago. we'll tell you what you need to know if you want to get your hand on one. we'll do that on the other side. back in a bit.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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you might wands to find your thunder buddy. >> what's that? >> thunder budd. >> i me neither. >> do you have explain that one to me. >> i see couple of heads
6:24 am
nodding. >> all right well, we'll talk about it in the commercial break. didn't mean to kill the buzz on that one. out to storm scan3, have been couple every thunderstorms rumbling through. i feel bad i didn't get that one. we have right now at least some relatively quiet activity. patches of fought fog out there, too thunderstorms rumble through. >> this graph sick for my buddy ukee, asking me to have masters graphic made up. it looks just as stormy down south, ukee, here for today. so we'll see how they get that through here tomorrow sunday's in the 80s back here 60s with sunshine. so similar looking pattern different temperatures. meantime for us we start with fog, showers eventually get midday sun then it is this afternoon and early evening that most worried about these gustier thunderstorms rumbling through. gusty wind, small size hail would be your primary concerns with the strongest storms, vittoria. >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, dealing with unfortunately a very serious incident on the
6:25 am
westbound side of the ben franklin bridge. it is the down side into philadelphia, and i know it is a little difficult to see in the shot. so i'll step out of the way so you can get better idea. take a look right here. getting words it is overturned tractor-trailer on the bridge down toward eighth and vine. by the severity of the incident, teams scouring the roadway at this point. what it is doing to the ben franklin bridge, already making a big back up, which you can imagine but considering that it is right on top of rush hour traffic anyone traveling from new jersey into philadelphia, take another bridge. take talcony walt, get create: right now the overturned tractor-trailer i would imagine would be therefore quite a while. we'll continue to keep you updated watch out for usual rush hour delays on the 95 and the schuylkill schuylkill. >> it is time for the apple watch. >> pre orders for the newest gadget are being accepted on line. do not expect to see people camped out outside the apple store like you usually do what
6:26 am
a new product comes out. customers will first need to make appointment to be fitted for their watch. >> wow. >> the cheapest model retails for about $350. but there are some luxury editions talking gold ones, upward of $17,000. >> art lovers have a chance to see two unfinished sketches by artist paul taste on beginning today at the barnes foundation. "eyewitness news" first told but the discovery earlier this week, sketches on the reverse side of water color works barnes purchased for $100 back in 1921. the display is open to the public now through may 18th. fabulous. >> incredible, you can find it in the back of those cameras sometimes. >> no question. >> right now 6:26. still ahead of the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are following breaking news after deadly tornado ripped through illinois. >> and we have a new look at the damage that was left behind. justin? >> busiest airports, lads dollars number two i'm justin finch. tell you what's being done to get us off that list.
6:27 am
>> justin, thanks. also, one of the worse kept secrets in washington. now we're getting better idea of when hillary clinton will officially launch her campaign for president. >> and vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together. you know we do it on the 3's back at the bottom of the hour. happy friday, family, see you in a bit. and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
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>> total devestation, one tornado touches down in southern illinois. >> sirens sounded, huge funnel cloud cut through the town of fair dale, about eight a miles wells of chicago. one person died. seven other were injured. officials say there is damage to every single structure, one couple made it to a shelter just in time. >> we pulled in here, ran inside. got couple of pictures of the tornado right across the street from us here, and the owners in the basement, went down the basement, 12 of us in the base many, and until they finally got us opened up to come out. >> tornado completely destroyed restaurant, emergency workers pulled survivors from the basement. the storm was powerful enough to flip a tractor-trailer, on it side. more warnings are up ahead as the front moves eastward, taking a look at the storm system, see thousand will affect us, good morning. >> yes, good morning ukee, thankfully i can report we are not looking at that casino of
6:31 am
severe weather potential. we do at least have the potential for stronger gusts here thunderstorms later today with that very same system. >> the system will culminate it clears everything out, end up with nice weather behind it, got to take the good with the bad flight see how clear the skies have turned across the central planes, a loft nasty storms, even still rumbling across kentucky tennessee, that is all headed our way. so we go ahead, zoom it in. frontal boundary that had been stacking south to keep us in the dreary weather the last few days, start today lift back north right now. we've even had up kel of thunderstorms with this, you're also going to find pockets of fog out there too looking currently at the area wind speeds, kind of happen hard adder, all over the plates eventually we start to see more of southwest push take over. so while we are off to chilly start, we are off to calm start in terms of wind flow, helping the fog to form, eventually we sky rocket by
6:32 am
here. in noon, 60s by 3:00 p.m. we should easily be in the low 70s, i think we have a shot to hit about 73 for official hyatt philadelphia international airport. it comes with different segment, fog showers for now midday sun, a little bit of it anyway. as temperatures sky rocket, and then eventually late this afternoon, afternoon we end up with the biggest potential and i say specially vittoria delaware, southern new jersey with the biggest potential for gust yes, sir wind even small size hail. >> definitely not looking forward to. that will already this little bit of rain is causing a big old problem. >> already had at least two overturned vehicle this morning, and one of them is right now on the ben franklin bridge, and it is an overturned tractor-trailer. this is a very hazy, foggy and rainy shot. and i know it is a little bit difficult to see here. i'll step in, map it out as best as i can for you. westbound the ben franklin bridge, that's making your way
6:33 am
into philadelphia right at the base, right at the down side of the bridge at eighth and vine. dealing with this situation here. take a look, emergency teams blocking a few of the lanes where only the right lane is getting by. so it is one lane only on the ben, as of right now as a result of this overturned tractor-trailer. let me just say this. any time we have overturned, they'll have to shut down the roadway, anyone trying to make their way from new jersey into philadelphia take one of the other bridges, that's your best bet at this point. we'll continue to keep you updated. erika? >> thanks, vet tore y recalled philadelphia international airport ranks among the top airports in the country, when it comes to security breaches. so, how are they get to go areas that are supposed to be off limits? justin finch joins us know at the airport with more on. >> this good morning. >> so far. >> reporter: good morning, associate the press poured over ten years worth of data from airports across the country regarding airport
6:34 am
breaches. phl in as number two. >> covers 25 breaches of security at philadelphia international airport. making phl number two, out of more than 30 major us airports that took part. >> bark in 2012, sentenced to more than year in prison after driving his jeep onto phl runway at 100 miles an hour, speeding as plane was lan g and 75 more circled above. that breach and other led to changes. >> we did have extensive and expensive perimeter hardening that went into effect. >> nineteen breaches reportedly involved vehicles using guardrails, beams, with cameras, increased patrols keeping watch. the ap study spans back to 2004, and details the following, in 2014, young driver struck a fence, after losing control of a car. one year before.
6:35 am
>> that same year, drunk woman was arrested after walking past a guard into a secured area. to aviation expert, arthur walk single security breach of any kinds is too many. >> i don't think it matters whether it is intentional or not. the one intentional person could have been a terrorist generates, a horrible disaster >> we came in at two, san francisco, they came in at number one. we are live at the airport justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin, thank you. police relation was philadelphians with hot topic at last night's mayoral forum. cbs philly teamed up with philadelphia association of black journalist toss host the forum for six democratic candidates. i helped moderate the forum at the community college of philadelphia. some of the suggestions included improved training, and community policing.
6:36 am
>> police department, not only around sensitivity training, but also cultural training. >> first thing we do, restore the trust between the police and the community. the way do you that, is get rid of stop and frisk. >> if a police officer uses disparaging comments, ethnic slurs, gender slurs, a variety of other sexual orientation slurs, that officer should be fired without arbitration. >> i believe that one of the best ways are body cameras dash cameras, and regular cameras on posts at almost every place. >> want to make sure there is police relationships, that the police familiar part that far community, than we make sure that the children also have a relationship with police by using pal centers. >> i think we should are a full-fledged constitutional law class in our police academy. i think we should have
6:37 am
continuing legal education on the street, on regular basis where police officers and supervisors to keep them to up speeds in trends on law what they are allowed and not allowed to do. >> you can watch the entire forum tomorrow night 11:35 cbs-3. the moving philadelphia forum will air second time sunday morning at 11:00 on sister station the "cw philly". >> erika? >> one of the worse kept secrets in politics is about to become official. after months of speculation several sources say hillary clinton will announce she running for president any day now. possibly as earl a cents this weekend. the former secretary of state is expected to make it official on social media before campaigning in iowa and new hampshire. polls show the former first lady is the early front runner to win the democratic nomination. two teenage boys from delaware remain in critical condition after their family was expose today a pesticide while on vacation in the virgin island. the us justice department is investigating whether terminix used the the pesticide illegally to fume gate the
6:38 am
condominium below theirs. but as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria who have whoever discovered, it is being stored and used in mass quantity here in our area. >> in 2004, osha cited terminix commercial in pennsauken after a group of employees were hospitalized quo quo beans treated. the same chemical pesticide that officials say made the esmond family critically ill while in the u.s. virgin islands. >> this chemical is highly toxic, as neurotoxic chemical. >> also illegal for residential use. shea feldman heads the dc advocacy group beyond pesticidement, says methyl bromide banned since 2005 but -- >> in the u.s., we use these exemptions as the law provides for exemptions, called critical use exemptions. >> as of march of this year usda records show 167
6:39 am
facilities were methyl bromide is being used to treat produce, 3169 top users are in the delaware valley including the tioga marine terminal. according to data given to the u.s. da, 40% of all chilean produce had a comes into the united states does so through philadelphia. and 90% of the met ill bromide used is used to treat those grapes. that's because grapes are specially vulnerable to pest and disease it is un-treat cod devastate domestic crops. >> we have huge chemical dependence on agriculture. >> another one right here at home did not -- >> we had about five, six of these guys. >> several years ago the philadelphia based martin law represented a group of dock workers. they say their clients were caught down wind after met ill bromide fumigation site near marcus hook. >> the results are drastic completely disable some of the people that we have represented. >> one of the men he says lost
6:40 am
his teeth. as recovery continues for the esmond family, one men told "eyewitness news", they hope their story makes others aware of the dangers of met ill bromide. >> according to the u.s. da, the level used on produce is not harmful for human consumption, but what the fumigation could do to the ozone liver. alan tree a huff. >> following the 2004 incident, terrible nicks spokesperson told "eyewitness news" they enrolled their employees in a extensive intensive rather retraining program. now, in a statement terminix says quote we always strive to follow proper procedures and follow safety measures in everything we do. well, we updating this morning's top stories our breaking news including the latest on the deadly tornado in illinois. also this: >> oh, a spring break scare. see what was lurking just below the watt their terrified a swimmer.
6:41 am
and it is not you what may think. nick snow. >> erika, your next date could be a download away. why experts say that dating apps are growing in popularity and number. >> and we are watching a storm system coming our way. it is quiet outside right now. but kately let you know when the rain arrives, that and more when we come back.
6:42 am
6:43 am
skies over illinois yesterday, this morning, getting a look at the
6:44 am
widespread damage. one tornado touchdown in the town of fair dale, about 80 miles from chicago, one person was killed, several others injured, and officials say, every building in town was damaged. >> one firefighter taken to the hospital this morning after fire in frankford. it appears that fire started on the second floor after house on bridge street. >> one breach at the philadelphia international airport. now new investigation says the airport had the second most perimeter security breaches in the united states since 2004. san francisco had the most. we want to check in with katie and the weather watchers, not sounding all too happy about the forecast today erika, i have to be honest, a lot of different things going on out here today. still so dreary outside. starting off on that same theme. generally finding temperatures within an agree or two of 40 degrees. 40 degrees sent in from sue hatboro, very, very modest wind right out of the north.
6:45 am
i love the photo bomb from the puppy in her profile picture too, adorable. she does have high humidity, little fine drizzle, light rain. ready to enjoy the sunshine she says this weekend on tap for us. across the river aj report of fog morristown. >> roll through earlier this morning, also something steven found up in robinsville also at 40 degrees with just clouds. >> rumble every thunder twice this morning for him then fired up around 3:45, flex one came at 6:00. so there has been these pockets, of thunderstorms that have been rumbling on through. if you look closely you can see the lightning strikes that came along with that. >> the cold front got to cross through later today that's where our renewed threat for maybe some stronger gusts thunderstorms going to come into play here, do sit in marginal risk for severe weather in delaware, and southern most, say three
6:46 am
four counties in new jersey. so, that's where i would sort of put your focus as far as that potential for the strongest storms today. strong wind gusts could exceed 45 miles per hour, heavy downpours that come with it could turn locally severe, i also want to toss in the possibility of small size hail. very quick check on the eyewitness weather seven day got something good to show you down the road here, mid 60s sunshine, little breezy tomorrow, and monday, you couldn't ask for more, another beautiful day coming up. >> good morning everyone, unfortunately with the weather, it is causing incidents all over the map. let's start first to the ben franklin bridge, if you are traveling on the ben take a look. do not attempt to travel on the bring bridge right now. because at the down side, westbound bend, right at eighth and vine, dealing with an over turn tractor-trailer. >> so if you are trying to
6:47 am
head into philadelphia, right now, avoid the ben take one of the other bridges the betsy, walt, talcony all better options right now because you're just not moving. ninety-five, schuylkill expressway, we have usual rush hour delays, please give yourself more time, careful in this weather. >> are you looking for love? if you're single in the philadelphia area, chances are you have tried dating app . >> trying to make a love connection? >> oh, two and two. >> exactly. >> you know they say there are lenny of fish in the sea. what if you could cast a wider net? experts say more and more singles are swiping their way to love with their smart phone. >> swiping unlocks your smart phone, could it point you in the direction of love? >> you are taking dating into your own hands. >> monica mandel relationship expert and columnist for the handcuff inning ton post. the use every dating apps is on the rise, siting match. com ankle all singles in
6:48 am
america stud. >> i one out of four philadelphians responded that they successfully went on a date through an app from their smart phones. >> let single swipe on those last on those they don't. considered by some as hook up app, says it is becoming more legitimate. particularly, with the 30 plus set. >> that group is working busy, building a career, and the best way for them is through their smart phones. >> they say there is someone for everyone these days seems like there is a dating app for just about every single. from clover, app that sends you matches based on location and time, to ivy league, app for 1 percent. then how about we, where users pose idea for date to see hoo bites. hinges matches you up with friends of friends on facebook. >> so you have a comfort zone knowing they know someone that you also know.
6:49 am
>> download? >> others are sure, it is not for them. >> there is a lot of, you know, for the lack of better word weird owes on the internet. >> that may be true, but mandel says, as long as you take precautions like meeting in a public place the benefits could outweigh risk. >> also jay swipe for jewish single lbgt community things like coffee, bagels, list literally goes on and on, as you heard expert say, more and more people are using these apps so they're becoming more and more legitimate in terms of finding love. ukee erika? >> first dating on line, now dating throughout. >> now there is an app, there is an app for that and everything else. >> always is. >> all right nicole, thank you. right now it is 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell has your preview from new york, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, ukee erika. illinois neighborhood threat ends by deadly tornado.
6:50 am
we're at the scene. plus, hillary clinton could make her white house bid official that weekend, we'll talk with political director about clinton's strategy. only on cbs this morning michelle miller takes to the skies with the first female pilot. news is back in the morning. see you in ten minutes. >> what happened there? >> i think charlie is making -- charlie just making some noise back here. he is making trouble. say hi, charles. >> i good morning, mr. roads. >> shenanigan's. >> hello fellow trouble maker. >> thank you. have a great show. >> it is friday, give me a break. >> you get a pass. thanks guys, see you in a few minutes. >> stormy forecast, with katie, good morning. >> first what's coming up tonight here on cbs-3. see you in a bit.
6:51 am
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students at an edge mentally school are getting a special guest today, mo'ne dave list visit thomas wharton elementary school in southwest philly. she will speak to the student and sign some autographs, as well, her memoir is in stores right now called mo'ne davis remember my name.
6:54 am
6:53. let's get the latest on these storms katy? >> right now tack being areas of fog, little bit of some shower activity out there as well, some of you already had a round every thunderstorms that rumble through very early this morning but now just sort of waiting on the cold front. it was already responsible for a lot of severe weather to the west yesterday. for now though, mine, just dreary. still chilly outside. look from the neighborhood weathernet work, but once we get beast the thunderstorms that fire up this afternoon and evening, it is clear as a bell and beautiful this weekend. little breezy granted tomorrow. mid 60s sunshine, both weekend days. and we keep that theme going for monday. just a heads up for the rest of the day here today especially if you reside in southern most new jersey, and delaware, watch out for some of these storms to locally produce some gusty wind and it is possible that we even see some small size hail with them too. if you hear thunder head inside. that's always the rule. vittoria? >> or grab your thunder buddy as erika would say.
6:55 am
>> i know what that is now. >> i didn't really know what it is, but now i get it. >> no laughing matter on the ben franklin bridge. trying to get into philadelphia, do not even attempt to jump on the ben franklin bridge, because you're not moving. they have even implemented speed restrictions of 35 miles per hour, because of the weather, but if you are traveling westbound, on attempting to, right at the down side of the westbound ben, we have overturned tractor-trailer, only allowing the right lane to get by, and they're just going to close the bridge to upright it, clear it out of the way. avoid it if you can erika? >> thank you vet tore y young woman getting a lot of views on youtube freaking out as she's stalked by a not so dangerous manitee. >> oh, my god. get me out of this. >> that woman splashing around during spring break-in florida thinking it was a shark. it turns out it was just a gentle giant. a manitee grazing nearby.
6:56 am
manitee's are herby source, as in will not eat you. usually spend their time submerged. the woman despite her cries was not injured and neither was the manitee. >> but tell the truth though, if we were in her place? >> electric ya we would be screaming. >> you're not saying hey that's a manitee. >> get me away from this giant mammal! >> i would have, too. >> poor thing. >> many doing up in just a couple of minute, more local news weather traffic and sports, sister station the "cw philly" and up next live report on the devestation from severe weather out in the midwest. >> also ahead, tragedy overseas when bus caring athlete, look at this, burst into flames. this video just came into our news room. more on this story coming up. >> and you can now find the "cw philly" on comcast xfinity channel 13 or hd811 also verizon nice owe. and remember to join us bright and early every weekday morning, we kick things off
6:57 am
4:30, right here on cbs-3. next on cbs this morning wild spring weather damaging winds and hail, it slams several states, and that dangerous wet letter continue. >> let's do it. we're keeping it live. keeping it local on your "cw philly" station. good friday, family, good weekend. take care and see you.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is friday april 10th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly tornado tears through an illinois town damaging or destroying every single home. sheriff's deputies in southern california caught brutally beating a suspect fleeing on horseback. the sheriff calls for an investigation. only on "cbs this morning," we'll take you airborne with the first female pilot to fly with the navy's elite blue angels. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> he's over, he's over. call 911.


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